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1.- How many days will it take to receive my AmorBox?

Once we receive your order, the delay to process and assemble your order is one (1) business day. As soon as it is ready, we proceed to take it to UPS/FEDEX facilities and ship it.

2.- What are the Shipping amounts? 

Shipping prices may vary depending on the area to which the shipment is made, and the speed you want to receive our AmorBox. 

2 working days 

5 working days 

3.- Is shipping included in the price of the box?

No, the shipping price is a different amount since it depends on the shipping companies.

4.- My AmorBox is a gift, does the box contain invoices or prices on the products?

No, you don't have to worry! In AmorBox usa we send all our invoices digitally to the email you indicate when you process the payment. 

5.- What do I do if my shipment is delayed and did not arrive in the expected time?

We are very sorry! Please contact us at info@amorboxusa.com and let us know your order number (ABxxx), and we will follow up with you to help you get an answer about your order.

6.- I want to return my box.

We do not accept any type of return of the box once it has been shipped.

7.- Do you want a signature upon receipt of the box?

Most of the time no, it will all depend on the shipping company operator, if they decide that a signature is necessary or not at the time of delivery. If so, the box will be returned to the nearest shipping office and a notification will be left to pick it up.  

8.- Can I make a change of address for the shipment of my box?

Yes, a change of address can be made during the business days prior to shipment. If the box has already been dropped off at UPS/Fedex offices, there may be an additional charge for the change of address.

9.- The status of my box says "Delivered", but I have not received it.

First we must make sure it is not in a secure area of your home, it could be bushes, sidewalk, behind a decoration at the front entrance; sometimes the shipping company operators may leave packages a little hidden. After you have checked and found nothing, contact us via info@amorboxusa.com and let us know the order number (ABxxx) and we will follow up with you accordingly. 

 Presentation of the boxes:

1.- Can I make any changes or modifications to the box I wish to purchase?

At this time, no changes are made to the box; it is shipped exactly as shown on our website. If there is any change on our part, one of our gift experts will contact you to let you know. 

2.- What are the sizes of the boxes?

Small 18 "x6".

Medium 10 "x8"

           Large 13 "x10"

3.- Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal.